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We turn your tech ideas into reality

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, we make it happen


The name HiveTech represents diligence, hard work and persistence. It comes from the word hive, which to us represents this industry’s virtues, values and ideals. Just like bees that work together to build the perfect structure, HiveTech acts as a community focused on value creation.


For us, the impossible is a challenge that we can easily make possible. Our top team of programmers, development engineers and designers are skilled in developing complex software systems. We strive for practical knowledge, programming skills in the most popular technologies, certificates and experience in creating a visual identity and complex business software solutions.


We approach every project and work task in a creative and innovative way. We learn new technologies to find a solution for every business challenge. We work with innovative companies globally to create a more stimulating and agile work environment. We believe that different opinions lead to better service and thoughtful business decisions. We love approaching new challenges in a proactive and thoughtful way, sharing new knowledge, listening to intuition and saving you time.

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Our work has been globally recognized in over 25+ projects a year since our beginning in 2018. With over 50 employees we can provide cost effective solutions that can propell active sustainable business growth of any business venture.

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If you are looking for a laid back atmosphere, a chance for personal and professional progress and learning new things and having fun with tech geeks, HiveTech is an ideal place for you. When you work in HiveTech you have, like me, chance to work on different projects and work with different technologies and you will never be bored. Every extra effort is recognized and rewarded, work hours are flexible and there is an option of remote work (which is awesome :D) so that you can do your work overlooking the sea during the summer. And last but not least, HiveTech has an exceptional team spirit, everyone here is a team player, kind and have a great sense of humour.

Matija Lj. Software Engineer

In HiveTech we have an amazing atmosphere and awesome team. Although there are many of us in the company, we maintain great communication and exceptional mutual relationships. What I enjoy most is fact that we get to work with wide range of various technologies which makes every project interesting and fun. HiveTech provides a lot of opportunities for professional growth and we get to learn a whole bunch of cool stuff every day.

Robert V. Software Engineer

Company with excellent people, relaxed and motivated employees that will lend you a hand anytime you need help. HiveTech provides an environment in which learning of new technologies is actively encouraged and every effort of employees is highly appreciated. Students get an amazing opportunity to work in a casual atmosphere and an opportunity to stay and get a first employment with great career prospects.

Edi M. Software Engineer

As far as student work in HiveTech is considered, I especially like the fact that despite of my student status, I'm treated as an equal member of the team and my input is treated as equally important as anyone else's. Since the beginning I was exposed to real and challenging projects which enabled me to progress really fast and develop my skill set, but nevertheless it required a great deal of responsibility because I was not there only to fulfill my student quota but to give an actual input on software development. Everyone in HiveTech is trying to help us students to navigate through our work and college responsibilities with ease. The tasks are very interesting, work environment is stress free and on top of everything people are great.

Fabian M. Student

I've been working at HiveTech for over two years now and my experience is nothing but positive. Main benefit of working here is fast learning and a lot of opportunities for personal growth. Besides knowledge, the most enjoyable part of the job is working with young and talented people. Co-workers are always here for you and ready to help if you get stuck with anything. Working atmosphere in company is great and our main superpowers are communication and knowledge. Because of that power you will always be up to date with technology trends. Personally, I love it.

Martina M. Software Engineer

I was very fortunate that I found a perfect scale of smiles and tech geniuses on my first job. Every day is a chance to learn something new and work in the latest technologies on the market. One of the strongest qualities of HiveTech are in my opinion great people who make for an excellent and highly motivating working atmosphere.

Šimun P. Software Engineer

HiveTech gave me my first job in my own respective field and enabled me a possibility of working while focusing on my masters degree on Faculy of Engineering and Computing. Colleagues are great and always ready to help and they answer to every inquiry that you have regarding work. They taught me how to work on actual projects, what are my responsibilities when I work in a team and how to write a high quality and optimal code.

Dinko Z. Student

    HiveTech Leadership

    We believe that great leaders lead by example and that true leadership does not mean simply giving out tasks, but to be there for your team and understand their needs, potentials and aspirations and provide every member of the team with a healthy environment in which they can develop their skills, potentials and overall knowledge. Our leadership always leads by example and supports everyone in the HiveTech team on their way to professional development in any way possible. Digital transformation is the core that drives our teams towards development of solutions that ensure a sustainable future, and we are here to support them every step of the way.

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    Hrvoje Pek


    Domagoj Pučar

    Senior Manager & Team Lead

    Stjepan Ložnjak

    Senior Manager & Team Lead

    Tomislav Brabec

    Senior Manager & Team Lead

    Stipe Batur

    Business Development Manager

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