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Check out our projects listed below.

Security Operations Center

Middle East entity SOC Portal for monitoring offenses. Integration with IBM Tools and JIRA ticketing system with reporting for tenants. Automation of opening tickets, sending alert emails, reporting to tenants and reduced costs & time of work for company’s security engineers.

Datacenter Cloud Automation

Automation of cloud and services for a Middle East provider company based on VMware. Worked with vSphere, vRealize Orchestrator, NSX, IPAM, etc. Automation and extending features of the enterprise hybrid-cloud and offering self-service to internal customers.


OdinHR is HiveTech owned platform based on multiple web, desktop and mobile apps which allow time & cost tracking, project management, HR & hiring, surveys, company's intranet, time off management, CRM, invoicing, etc. It is based on 25+ microservices and highly scalable product which generates detailed reporting about employees, finance, time and other important aspects of business.

NetBanking Application

Application for banking entities - overall view of transactions, accounts, ATMs, exchange rates, statements check, simple payments and cost monitoring and management adjusted to fit your every financial and banking need.

Services Orchestration Portal

Self-service portal for system provider entity in Europe contacting backend for SDN, NFV, automation & orchestration offering user and device management capabilities to the administrators in order to create and manage customer’s user permissions and device assignment. Also, the portal exposes the services from the orchestration layer to the administrators to provision the services for the customers as well as to the customers to perform self-provisioning of the services.

HiveMeet platform

HiveMeet is set of web, mobile and desktop applications for easier collaboration of employees. It is connected with Odin but can be used separately within the company. Chat, voice, video, conference calls, sharing screen & files, and many more uses and applications you can discover and utilize in order to maximize the level of efficiency for your business enterprise.


Web and Mobile application with backend for berth booking - check free berths, choose it and book it online. Look for details, facilities, safety, opening hours, payment methods, reviews, weather forecast, wind - make your sailing much easier.


Our team helped Aktivis, a company from Croatia, to develop and modernize their product for document management which is used across the companies and national entities in Croatia.

Aircraft Management

Admin portal for management of aircrafts - missions, services, history and various logistics information. The application was developed for a government entity.

GTF Mobile

GTF mobile application represents a next generation of digital transformation tools in agriculture and provides valuable insights that can help both the farmer and the government agencies to propel the growth of land-related industries, and develop meaningful relationships that can lead to strategic partnerships and notable foreign investments.