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Web development

Aircraft Mangement

Admin portal for management of aircrafts – missions, services, history and various logistics information. The application was developed for a government entity.

About Client

Government agency.


Highly Responsive & User Friendly UI
Government agencies need simple and fast solutions that can minimize the response time for every purpose, our developers approach every situation in a manner that they provide the end user with a high quality custom solution that fits our users every need in a sophisticated, highly responsive and intelligent way.
Sophisticated Missions Log Solution
Our developers managed to create a state of the art mission reporting system within the solution we created that increased the level of cost efficiency tracking, optimized the logistics proceedings, mapped out the existing short comings, and modernized every existing part of the system.
All-In-One Solution Creation
One of the challenges in creating an admin portal for management of aircraft and logistics processes regarding their flights was in creation of the all-in-one logistics solution that can track the flight paths and overall cost efficiency in employment of service of aircraft for the needs of this particular government agency.



Full-stack Engineers




Angular, Bootstrap, Java, Maven, SpringBoot


Highly sophisticated solution with the capability of cost efficiency and logistics tracking, made to fit every user and provide fast and correct intelligence for every end-user need. Simple user interface and powerful versatile applications make the admin portal for management of aircraft truly a next generation masterpiece solution.


Highly versatile & intelligent system for modern day safety monitoring
A highly configured, modern and intelligent system, capable of agility in its core, with extraordinary features that will allow you to explore the technology as much as possible. This is our commitment to everyone who believes that technology is key for improving our lives.