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Custom Software Development

AktivManager DMS

Our team helped Aktivis, a company from Croatia, to develop and modernize their product for document management which is used across the companies and national entities in Croatia.

About Client

Aktivis is a company specialized in document management systems development, founded in 2006 and from 2008 it conducts business as a part of the KING ICT group. Aktivis is particularly proud of their team, creativity and motivation they show in their everyday work. Their goal is to secure a high level of expertise and experience in Enterprise content management systems development for their users. Core business of Aktivis is Digital Transformation and they participate on the key projects on the current market.


Frontend development
HiveTech team helped with frontend and backend parts of system. For frontend we used the latest version of Angular with another compatible frameworks that enabled the development of modern and rich frontend layer.
Backend development
For backend development we used various tools such as Java, Spring (SpringBoot, SpringJdbc…) and other Java frameworks.
Document Management System development
We helped develop DMS for Aktivis, all members of the HiveTech team quickly adapted to all the ways of communication and we quickly mastered business and technological issues, as well as the business rules of DMS.



Frontend Engineers


Backend Engineers


Angular, AntDesign


The client and their customers were highly satisfied with the solution quality and quantity and solution itself would not be possible without the expertise and crucial help of our team who managed to adapt and deliver the solution on time.


Next generation of document management systems
Our team handled the frontend and backend parts of the system, developing and delivering a modern, attractive, and optimized, ready to use, smart and sustainable solution.