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Custom software development & cloud automation

Datacenter Cloud Automation

Automation of cloud and services for a Middle East provider company based on VMware. Worked with vSphere, vRealize Orchestrator, NSX, IPAM, etc. Automation and extending features of the enterprise hybrid-cloud and offering self-service to internal customers.

About Client

NIL is a globally recognized provider of advanced data center, network, cloud, cyber security solutions as well as services for business and industry environments, state institutions, public organizations, and telecoms. By enabling a more efficient, secure, and reliable way of doing business, NIL helps organizations become more successful in the digitalized world. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with offices in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. NIL employs more than 180 experts.


User experience optimization
We took an otherwise manual process and simplified its use to the point of automation through the use of latest software tools which resulted in significant increase of both provider and user satisfaction.
Service optimization
In the world of advanced data, network and cloud and IT security it is important that the needed service is tailored to fit the use of every user, in HiveTech, we take pride in creation of modern, optimized software solutions.
Ease of access
Our work improved and optimized user experience and gave further strength to existing business relations with our customer and their stakeholders.



Software Engineers


NodeJS, Javascript, Protract, Ansible, VMware


Cloud solutions that can deal with the high demands of the Middle East market. HiveTech is focused on offering simple, flexible and affordable IT services such as cloud computing, enterprise mobility and business continuity to every man or woman, corporation or institution in the Middle East region.


Cloud Automation done on time
Project was delivered successfully and it propelled the continuation of our business with the end-customer. HiveTech was considered as part of NIL development team and was managed by NIL PM. HiveTech was using NIL standard collaboration suite as external subcontractors. They are very flexible and fast learners. On time delivery of quality code is also their strong point.