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Mobile development

GTF Mobile

GTF mobile application represents a next generation of digital transformation tools in agriculture and provides valuable insights that can help both the farmer and the government agencies to propel the growth of land-related industries, and develop meaningful relationships that can lead to strategic partnerships and notable foreign investments.

About Client

Government agency.


Active Tracking System Development
GTF Mobile application is designed to ensure the highest degree of presence which allows the agency to actively track the stages of development and usage of the land, which allows the end user to receive feedback and guidance in real time in order to secure the maximum level of efficiency and development.
Ensuring Constant Presence Through Offline mode
GTF mobile application provides its end user with a tool that he can use online to receive tasks in order to reach the full extent of his potential. Application itself provides the offline usage as well, that can ensure a great deal of self-tracking in order to reduce every day operative costs and ensure permanent stability and steady growth in cooperation with the development tasks received from the agency.
Real Time Reporting and Task Implementation
Once the highest degree of presence is ensured, further challenge was to implement the solution that allows the end user to track his progress and send back Geo-Tagged photographs from the designated areas on the land followed with reports that provide perfect feedback regarding the stages of development so that the agency could provide the end user with the following tasks to ensure the highest degree of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.



Mobile app Engineering




React, Redux, Typescript, Slack, Jira


GTF Mobile Application provides a simple way of progress tracking & provides a tool for professional guidance & ensures the maximum advancement and growth in the agricultural sector. It provides both the end user and the agency a simple channel of communication that benefits both the end user who receives professional guidance and the agency that ensures the highest degree of agricultural development and cost effective operative proceedings adoption. GTF provides a means to a next generation steady advancement & sustainable development of an entire industry.


GTF Mobile Application - solution for modern agriculture
GTF Mobile Application represents the next generation of sustainable, intelligent and cost effective solutions in the agriculture sector. Its simple UI provides the perfect example of simplification of otherwise complicated processes and provides the end user with the experience that ultimately results with cost reduction and business enterprise advancement. In the world where technology is taking over, the GTF mobile application as a software solution provides an ultimate synergy and mutual advancement of users in one powerful solution that drives perpetual growth and diversification of an entire sector.