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Custom Software Development

HiveMeet platform

HiveMeet is set of web, mobile and desktop applications for easier collaboration of employees. It is connected with Odin but can be used separately within the company. Chat, voice, video, conference calls, sharing screen & files, and many more uses and applications you can discover and utilize in order to maximize the level of efficiency for your business enterprise.

About Client

Custom internal communication software solution intended for every business entity that wants to optimize internal communication or the quality of conferencing within the organization with a simple solution.


Universal internal communication tool creation
One of the essential values that we in HiveTech nurture and provide is our ability to divert special attention to details, avoid waste of time and present the best possible solution that adequately suits every need of our existing and prospective clients. Our HiveMeet platform utilization provides us with the ultimate means of internal communication, file and screen sharing and work process optimization. HiveMeet is a step towards a sustainable and intelligent future of internal communication.
Time management improvement
HiveMeet provides every business entity unique chance to manage its working hours in a manner of maximum efficiency, with no waste, and with a guaranty of steady increase and continuous growth. Versatility and applicability completely correlate with your business goals and needs.
Serious approach to bandwidth and network connectivity
If not resolved adequately – issues regarding bandwidth and network connectivity can present themselves as a big challenge in online video conferencing. In order to provide the best possible conferencing experience for our customers, particular caution was devoted to bandwidth and connectivity in order to provide end users the best possible conferencing experience.



Frontend Engineers


Backend Engineers




WebRTC, SpringBoot, NodeJS, Electron, React, Figma


We developed mobile and desktop app for internal use in the company. The collaborative platform allows employees to work together, share knowledge and documents, communicate with ease and efficiency and plan their time, share to-do lists and documents and much more. HiveMeet offers modern web interface for desktop, tablet or mobile device with intuitive user experience, all in service of continuous growth and maximum time utilization because in HiveTech no second is wasted.


All in one highly scalable & smart company intranet
HiveMeet is total employee collaboration. It is set of web, mobile and desktop applications that are used for easier collaboration of employees and internal communication improvement.