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Web development

NetBanking Application

Application for banking entities – overall view of transactions, accounts, ATMs, exchange rates, statements check, simple payments and cost monitoring and management adjusted to fit your every financial and banking need.

About Client

Custom NetBanking Application designed for standard application in the banking sector with the primary function of propelling growth due to its modern characteristics.


One of the biggest challenges was to get the project done during the time of COVID pandemic, but with our organization skills and professional approach we successfully mastered every obstacle and proved that a HiveTech team can adapt and work as a significant part of a greater team.
Customer needs
Tasks that can present themselves as a challenge while working on the mobile app development are those that affect a great deal of end users, and tailoring the best possible user experience is what we mastered in our visual designs and user experience optimization through customer needs satisfaction.
User Experience
Both Private Individuals and Legal Entities are looking for the best way in order to track their personal or business financial track record, one of the biggest challenges in the development of mobile banking applications is to adjust the mobile banking to fit the user. The world of banking can be a challenging place, and understanding every banking service can be difficult without a clear and simple solution that makes everyday banking easy.



Frontend Engineers


Backend Engineers




Angular, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Figma


We managed to optimize and modernize banking experience and provide our customer with a next generation solution that can enhance their connection with their clients in a simple, modern, sustainable and agile way.


Modern banking for modern users
Clients have an easier access to their accounts, no banking hours needed, personal and business finance management enabled 24/7, special attention was diverted into creation of the best possible user experience through a solution that brings the user and the bank together and makes a strong foundation on which the bank can build and maintain their relationship with existing and potential new users.