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Custom Software Development


OdinHR is HiveTech owned platform based on multiple web, desktop and mobile apps which allow time & cost tracking, project management, HR & hiring, surveys, company’s intranet, time off management, CRM, invoicing, etc. It is based on 25+ microservices and highly scalable product which generates detailed reporting about employees, finance, time and other important aspects of business.

About Client

OdinHR is a platform that can be used in every business entity that has needs for time and cost tracking, as well as project management, HR & hiring and various other tasks. Its high scalability and versatility that it provides gives the user a unique possibility to remake his company and provide it with smart, intelligent, sustainable and agile way of both line and vertical management of every aspect of business and utilization of every working second.


Communication goals
OdinHR keeps the level of professional internal communication very high and provides the first step to a modern way of business and modernization and optimization of every work process that a modern corporation may require in order to maintain stability and sustainability on an ever changing market reality.
Business goals
Micromanagement tasks have never been easier, with OdinHR, every department of your company will thrive and be able to show the full capacity of their potential, with a tool that helps guide your company into a new generation of business and success.
Mission and Vision expectations
Primary challenge when facing the implementation of a highly scalable product such as OdinHR is to adjust its functions to stand in accordance with the corporate ideals and its mission and vision.



Frontend Engineers


Backend Engineers




Business Analyst


Angular, Antdesign, Spring Cloud, Gradle, Rabbit, Typescript, Java, Docker


OdinHR as a detailed reporting product provides organizational clarity, simplifies on boarding, improves internal communication, connects your company across locations and time zones, provides a powerful CRM tool and makes for a strong foundation of a modern business, optimized and tailored to fit your every need.


Ultimate system for digital transformation & advancement of your business
The only platform you will ever need for your everyday business needs. Fast, simple, agile, versatile and modern – with OdinHR you will unlock every feature that a 21st century business venture will ever need + more.