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Custom Software Development

Security Operations Center

Middle East entity SOC Portal for monitoring offenses. Integration with IBM Tools and JIRA ticketing system with reporting for tenants. Automation of opening tickets, sending alert emails, reporting to tenants and reduced costs & time of work for company’s security engineers.

About Client

Middle East entity SOC Portal for monitoring offenses.


Next generation automated process creation
HiveTech teams take pride in creation of simple, fast and attractive user friendly solutions and services through their ability to simplify what can often seem as a complex world of software solutions to their end users, because in HiveTech we turn your idea into a state of the art, sustainable and versatile reality.
Simplified & Creative & Modern reporting solution
Our teams took a huge amount of data, and turned it into a creative, attractive and self-sufficient and sustainable solution that can process the given data and provide a powerful tool in operations security.
Modernization of reporting system
Our solutions creation think tanks and passionate teams of developers optimized otherwise complicated service of data processing and reporting.



Frontend Engineers


Backend Engineers






Angular, Java, Npm, Antdesign, Jira, Ibm Springboot, Typescript


After delivered solution, company’s security analysts are possible to handle 9x more clients thanks to the automated reports and the professional and creative approach that our software solutions creation think thanks and developers use in their everyday work in order that they can optimize, modernize and simplify every process according to the needs of our customers.


Better and faster delivery
Better and faster delivery, modernized reporting system, original HiveTech solution in accordance with our professional standards and high quality, agile, versatile and sustainable, self-sufficient solutions that HiveTech teams create on the daily basis.