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Web development & Backend Automation

Services Orchestration Portal

Self-service portal for system provider entity in Europe contacting backend for SDN, NFV, automation & orchestration offering user and device management capabilities to the administrators in order to create and manage customer’s user permissions and device assignment. Also, the portal exposes the services from the orchestration layer to the administrators to provision the services for the customers as well as to the customers to perform self-provisioning of the services.

About Client

System Service Provider Entity for European teritory.


Significant increase in automation
Out teams successfully reduced the time needed for administrators to create and manage user permissions and device assignments.
Optimization of frequent and repeatable processes
We used a high variety of state of the art software tools to optimize frequent and repeatable processes in order to provide a next generation solution.
Increase in service agility
To overcome the challenges presented by changing business conditions, providers are increasingly seeking information and services from others outside their traditional boundaries in the name of improved outcomes. We enable our customers to establish a broad-based grid infrastructure that will support this new way of working by bringing them together.



Frontend Engineers


Backend Engineers




Project Manager


React, Bootstrap, Python


Increased accessibility, fully automated process of reporting, faster and sustainable next generation permissions and device assignments creation and management, business tasks optimization, ground breaking state of the art software tools utilization with the purpose of creating the best possible next generation user experience.


Reporting has never been easier & workflow has never been more organized
Service agility increase and improvement, frequent and repeatable processes have been fully optimized and modernized through the use of various software tools with the purpose of maintaining and improvement of service quality. We managed to provide a sustainable, intelligent and automatized solution that excels in versatility of its multiple applications and functions.