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Quality Assurance & Testing

We provide testing services  and offer quality assurance & total quality control in compliance with international standards and best practices in the industry.

In accordance with highest professional standards our QA engineers compile and deliver highly detailed reports and every piece of relevant test documentation, all in service of providing you with fully automated, bespoke, high end software solution and fully automated testing process tailored to fit your requirements.

Main objective for our QA engineers is the bug-free appplication and every testing activity is conducted in a manner that fully ensures that any piece of software behaves exactly as intended in compliance with our client’s requirements.

Our Step-by-step QA Process consist of the following stages:

Stage 1

Initial stage

Preparation of the testing strategy, establishing prerequisites of succesful testing process for your particular project, familiarizing with the work scope and business requirements of the project plan in order to set up adequate testing strategy to extract most valuable information.

Stage 2

Planning stage

Planning done in the initial phase of development work is slightly different than planning done in this stage. In this stage we aim to assert more specific activities such as deriving conclusions based on technical, functional and any other specification that is necessary to prepare main test plan and particular test suits based on our analysis.

Stage 3

Test preparation stage

In this stage of our QA process we prepare various tests (smoke, sanity, integration, unit, system… etc.) and define necessary checklists for additional environmental testing preparations and we establish parameters in order to sucessfully trace every requirement.

Stage 4

Test execution stage

Compiling status and level test reports and presenting test results based upon the execution of our QA process. Presenting vital deliverables in order to provide insight to test results.

Stage 5

Finalization and delivery

In the final stage of QA we finalize every necessary activity and sucessfully send every agreed-upon deliverable to our client with a detailed quality assurance based on total quality control and highly detailed environmental and system tests.

We provide following tests:

Web applications testing

Our teams are oriented and driven to provide our clients with the highest quality for every web application whether you need complex web portals with multifunctional capabilities or a single web page.

Mobile applications testing

We provide a full spectrum of every existing QA service for your mobile applications across every platform in accordance with your requirements.

Desktop applications testing

High-end next generation quality assurance for every existing desktop platform, our engineers and teams of testers are at your disposal for any operating system.