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What we do

From small startups to large corporations – everything we do, we do with the highest quality and commitment. The company HiveTech, as the name says, was developed to cover a wide range of existing technologies available on the market to implement software solutions in compliance with our clients needs & timetables.

Custom Software Development

Development and delivery of software solutions for businesses across various industries. We develop all types of industry-specific software, whether you need Corporate & Interorganizational Software Systems, Specific Business Function Software, Departmental Software, Customer Self-service Applications and many more in accordance with every business need across various industries on an international level.

Software Product Engineering

Our custom software products fully meet the requirements of every market segment. We introduce our clients to a wide spectrum of business advantages, help them achieve notable results and acomplish their goals in order to ensure business growth.

Web Development


Client-side development is the practice of producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website or Web Application that a user can see and interact with directly. By constant monitoring of new technologies and trends in web development we want to ensure the best solution for each user.


Backend development refers to the server side of an application and everything that communicates between the database and the browser. We build highly scalable microservices with multiple databases, depending on requirements of the product.

Mobile Development

In accordance with your needs and wishes, we develop, design, implement and maintain applications for Android and iOS platforms. We design advanced mobile solutions to improve your business efficiency and representation of your company, brand or product in the mobile world.


The process of creating products which provide the highest quality experience to our users. This involves the creation of the entire process of aquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function.

AI & Machine Learning

A team of individuals with over 6 years experience in the fields like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning gives us the possibility to push innovative development of software to another level.

Data Analysis

Defining methodology and systematic analytical approach that can benefit the most to a certain sector or an industry by Data Analysis can often seem challenging and our expertise in that area can be a crucial factor in defining the path for your further business development through adoption of the best practices in analytics.

Business Analysis

Every development cycle starts with business analysis. Our experienced analysts make sure that business objectives for every solution are properly identified and that the development process results with a product that meets our client’s business goals and expectations.

DevOps & Infrastructure

In the ever changing ICT world – DevOps is an essential part of the agile ICT industry. We provide cutting edge DevOps processes and tools for your ICT business. Together with above tools we have knowledge on how to integrate your existing projects/processes in a new DevOps stack.

Network & Security

Security is always one of the main aspects of a successful product. Network security is any activity designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data, including both hardware and software technologies. It is used to prevent unauthorized people or programs from accessing your networks and devices connected to them.

QA & Testing

We provide quality assurance, total control of quality and software testing services in accordance with global best practices and standards of the industry. Our QA practices are in compliance with highest international professional standards.

Maintenance & Support

Our teams are here for your every need, that is why we provide full software support and maintenance services.

Market Research

Understanding your market is one of the key elements of success. Our team of market analysts can give you valuable insights about the key aspects of your market that can help you achieve business growth and rocket your organic reach on everchanging market climate.