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Frontend Development

We were involved in the development of various application types with non-small number of programming languages, frameworks and libraries where we gained expertise in the frontend development.

Angular, React, Vue… or maybe ExtJS? Who wins the race? We can share our experience from various projects with you. Web & administration portals, bank or berth booking applications – we developed different products for companies around the world.

We are facing a lot of new libraries and frameworks, and because of that, each of them needs to be tested and verified before “dance in the production”. Why React over Angular? We are always for that kind of debate.

How frontend development benefits to business:

Frontend guarantees optimized performance for web and mobile applications

High quality design in combination with graphic performances that capture the essence of your business increases the level of customer satisfaction by providing predictive bihevioral models that tend to each user's need in a proactive manner

Intuitive navigation built in through development cycle guarantees that every visitor will find what he needs

High-quality frontend helps you build and maintain trust in your brand, increase your overall traffic and gives a powerful foundation upon which you can propell conversion rates and business growth