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Maintenance & Support

In HiveTech we take pride that we provide full spectrum and full cycle support services that can eliminate and eradicate any kind of software issue or a problem, whether you need a minor fix or experiencing security issue, or just in a need of application enhancement.

  1. Adaptive Maintenance: Our experts make sure that your software can adapt to any environment and achieve full synergy with every component.
  2. Preventive Maintenance: We provide constant updates to the documentation, code restructuring and optimization service and emphasis on the importance of software performance cleared of any potential error.
  3. Corrective Maintenance: Our focus is to provide error-free experience  and we are highly driven in our effort to effectively eliminate all software errors or faults in order to provide irreplaceable quality level of interaction between your software’s code, overall logic and design.
  4. Perfective Maintenance: Perpetual enhancement and user requirements adjustments. Through our perfective work we ensure our client’s ability to adapt to every and any business, market and user requirement. We provide improvements and enhance the overall efficiency of the software code, logic and design and we consider that it is our responsibility to ensure that every function needed for our client’s succesful business performance is added in time in order to propell our client’s business growth.