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Network & Security

In the world as we know today, technology is evolving at really high speed, and so does the need for security. Our experienced teams follow the latest trends and make sure that your security protocols are in accordance with highest professional international standards of the industry.

As technology is improving and changing, so do new threats. Many companies nowadays still underestimate cybersecurity threats and damage they can do to their business environment. We are here to help with guidance, assessment, implementation, detection and prevention with intention of securing your critical infrastructure.

Our team is consisted of network engineers and cybersecurity experts with previous experience from telecom and financial industry. We can offer you 24/7 threat detection/prevention and monitoring providers using real-time threat-intelligence software. Also, our network engineers have experience working in IP/MPLS core network of Internet Service Provider where they were responsible for managing, maintaining and monitoring of Cisco, Huawei and Juniper network equipment (P,PE,CPE routers, MAN switches, DSLAMs).