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Software Product Engineering

Whether if you are entering the market for the first time or looking for digital customization of your existing services and business, our team serves as a reliable partner devoted to ensuring your business perpetual sustainable growth and prosperity. 

Software solutions & products developed and created by our teams ensure the advancement of any business and timely introduction of high-tech advantages into every business model.

We provide our clients with competitive edge that can guarantee a substantial increase in their business results and provide a powerful foundation for market share advancement and business growth.

We create bespoke, modern, feature-rich business software solutions that enable companies from various sectors to fully automate certain processes, increase the overall efficiency, cut their losses and maximize their profits. Our software product engineering services include:

Business Analysis

Our business analysts thoroughly analyze purpose of every application, allocate necessary resources needed to realize the project, provide risk assessment and set project estimates.


Teams of designers at HiveTech are standing by 24/7, following latest trends in design and creative industry, and making sure that we can provide high-end user experience by creating state of the art applications providing you thusly with a powerful competitive edge needed for market advancement and business growth.

Customization Services

Whether you need a simple code modification or a full customization of any website or service, our team’s expertise is at your disposal, focused on your business goals and extraction of maximum value for your business advancement.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Our QA engineers and testing specialists make sure that you get the most of your software solution. We take pride in the fact that our clients can enjoy secure, stabile, reliable, fully functional and user friendly modern, state of the art solutions that comply with the highest professional standards.

DevOps as a Service

Increase in speed, productivity and overall quality of our client’s entire software infrastructure, these are just some of the things our DevOps professionals offer to our clients. We include consulting services, automation preplanning, orchestration, optimization and many more in order to provide next generation of service quality.

Maintenance & Support

We provide full spectrum of adaptive, perfective, corrective and preventive maintenance & support. At any given time we make sure that the delivered solution is always up to date and provides you with maximum value.

Stages of Software Product Engineering

Step 1

Defining Product Requirements

In this stage our developers define and discuss every detail of the product, and it is one of the most important stages because it influences deeply on the final product.

Step 2

Architecture & Design

After we defined every requirement, we focus on design and architecture to fully ensure that our work goes in line with client’s initial idea.

Step 3

Minimum Viable Product Development

In this stage we focus on providing clear and simple overview of how the future application will look like and what kind of experience will it provide.

Step 4

Product Development

Next we take into account every change from the initial phase towards the phase of development and implement every potential beneficial change that helps us develop high-end quality distinguished product for every business type and use.

Step 5


Our Quality Assurance engineers and testers perform detailed step by step testing to ensure that everything is running efficiently and smoothly, ensuring in that way successful performance of the software product/solution.

Step 6

Product Release

Depending on our client’s professional needs, whether it is mobile, web or any other type of application, our objective is to succesfully implement it into our client’s business to prevent any delay and to keep our client’s organization’s operations running better than ever.